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As an individual, small business owner or entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming keeping up with the latest tools to increase productivity and help grow your career or business.

In, we have selected the best and easiest tools available to help you ​becoming more productive without breaking the bank

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Asana is one of the best project management tools available. You can easily structure workflows, delegate tasks, and collaborate online with your team members using the app or website, and it's free to use up to 15 teammates.

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Todoist is a great and simple task management app that will allow you to manage your personal and professional productivity. You can use Todoist to manage your tasks from any device.

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Notion is an all-in-one workspace where you can manage your tasks, notes, databases, boards and get organized online. You can use this app for note-taking, data, tasks, and project management.

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Pipefy is web-based workflow management & no-code platform that will assist you in easily digitizing and optimizing your work operations.
Your team can use Pipefy to automate workflows, manage projects, and daily tasks.

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Canva is the best drag-and-drop graphic design tool that is completely free.
It comes with thousands of configurable templates and is ideal for producing social networking graphics and other visuals.

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Google Calendar

You can use Google Calendar to easily book meetings and events, as well as receive alerts about forthcoming activities, so you always know what's coming up.
This free tool can help you get more organized and productive.